Sponsoring a Child:

Questions & Answers


Is my sponsored child real, or just representative of an at-risk child?

Your sponsored child is very real, and they appreciate and love you because you have sponsored them. Sponsors are invited and encouraged to visit their children in Rwanda through a team trip with Rwanda Children (see below “Can I visit my child in Rwanda?”).

What does my sponsored child receive through my sponsorship?

Your sponsorship is changing the life of an at-risk child in Rwanda. Because of your support, your child will receive food, daily shelter, education, school uniform, and medical insurance. In addition, children hear the Gospel of Jesus taught and see it lived out in the lives of the members of our team.

Can I correspond with my child?

Absolutely! This is something we strongly encourage. Your sponsored child loves to hear from you, and at Rwanda Children we believe communicating with your child is invaluable. If you need some ideas to jumpstart your letter writing, click here. Send cards and letters to:


You can use a USPS Global Forever® stamp to mail postcards or 1 oz. letters, but you’ll need to make certain your letter doesn’t exceed the USPS’s requirements for maximum length, height, or thickness.

Can I give a gift to my child?

Yes, you can give a gift to your sponsored child on their birthday, at Christmas, or anytime you wish! We've tried to make giving your child a gift as simple as possible. Click here to learn more about our gift-giving process. 

How do I find out the answer to a specific question about my child?

If you have questions about the child you sponsor, you may email your question to Clementine@rwandachildren.org

Can I visit my child in Rwanda?

Yes. Depending on availability you can join one of the team trips to Rwanda throughout the year.  Trips to Rwanda cost $1,400 plus airfare per person for a nine-day, nine-night stay with Rwanda Children. Email Vann@rwandachildren.org for more information about making a trip to Rwanda.