We trust in the power of our God who made all people, and believe that Jesus, God in the flesh, set us an example of hope, mercy and love for our  neighbor. As a result, Rwanda Children seeks to embody and live out the example of love through our presence and through the sharing of our resources with vulnerable and at-risk children in the country of Rwanda.

Beginning in 2013, we built our first children's home in the village of Ntarama, Rwanda - home to our founder, Serge Gasore. We now have 5 additional homes which provide care for children who have been identified as at-risk or vulnerable by their families or other community members. Currently, 214 children are in our care at Hunter Hanner Community of Hope.  Our goal is to ensure all of these children can grow, learn, and live free from abuse, extreme poverty, or neglect. 

Rwanda Children is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Our Mission

Rwanda Children exists to provide housing, food, family and hope to at-risk Rwandan children in the name of Jesus.

Our Vision

For all children in Rwanda to have an equal opportunity to realize their full potential as they grow into the people God has created them to be. 


Our Objectives

Children's Homes

House (1).jpg

In addition to the 6 houses we currently have, we plan to build more homes for children in the next 24-36 months as part of our Hunter Hanner Community of Hope. Each home will provide safe housing for approximately seven children and a houseparent.

Health Clinic


Health care is a great need in most villages in Rwanda.  On the campus of our Hunter Hanner Community of Hope, we have built a health center which will allow health professionals from Rwanda and other countries to minister to the sick… especially to children who have nowhere else to turn.

Medical Insurance


With over 2,000 children currently receiving access to medical care through our insurance sponsorship, we seek to ensure thousands more at-risk children across Rwanda possess the medical insurance they need to live healthy, happy lives. 



We’re thrilled to announce the completion of the first phase of a school on our campus! The school, called Rwanda Children Christian School, welcomed its first group of 27 students in the early summer of 2018. In January of 2019, we expect to have 77 students enrolled!