Mama Karen House Mom

Rwanda Children's Mama Karen house mom, Denise Uwamurera, shares thoughts about the children in her care.

Rwanda Children's Homes

This video provides perspective on how the homes at Rwanda Children's Hunter Hanner Community of Hope are providing housing, food, family and hope to at-risk Rwandan children in the name of Jesus.

Serge's Leadership

When Serge heads into a community, he always starts by simply listening. Serge listens because he believes the people he hears from, like this mom, offer the best perspective on the challenges they face, not us. Serge believes it’s essential to get close to people and listen to them… especially the children... in order to understand their hurts, needs, and hopes.

Georgette's Sewing Room

Stop in and take a quick look around Georgette's sewing room! She won't mind the interruption--she'll just keep working.