The students of Rwanda Children Christian School's initial Primary 1 class and their teacher, Yvette Nayezakuzwe.

The students of Rwanda Children Christian School's initial Primary 1 class and their teacher, Yvette Nayezakuzwe.

We asked Serge and other members of our team to answer a few questions about Rwanda Children Christian School:

1. Why construct a school on our campus?

“We have three primary schools and a high school in Ntarama, the community we serve in Jesus’ name. These schools need a place for teachers to get good books, materials, and other resources they can use when teaching. Also, these schools need a sister school they can look up to.”

“In our community, no school can afford to have a library. No school has the resources to offer teacher training. Rwanda Children, supported by our partners in the U.S. who are teachers, will make Rwanda Children Christian School a hub for resources and knowledge, and the community will be educated and changed.”

“We need to be able to offer on our campus Primary level 1, 2 and 3. We currently have over151 kids in our care. In January of 2018, around 27 of these kids needed to go to primary school. By having a school on our campus with P1, P2, and P3, this will allow us to educate the kids who are graduating from our Early Childhood Development program.”

“Education is very important to the future of Rwanda. Rwanda’s 1994 genocide against the Tutsi showed us that uneducated people were deceived and manipulated. That is why the best way to support Rwanda is to support education.”

2. How will the teachers and other schools in Ntarama benefit from the resource center at Rwanda Children Christian School?

“Teachers from the schools in Ntarama will be able to check-out teaching materials and visual aids that will help them teach better. With the help of our partners in the U.S. who are teachers, we will offer training sessions to help teachers from the schools in Ntarama become more skilled as teachers. With an Internet connection at our school, teachers from the community can search the Internet for more knowledge.”

3. How will the children in Rwanda Children’s care, as well as other kids in the community, benefit from Rwanda Children Christian School?

“Because the P1, P2, and P3 classes will be taught in a faith-based school, the community will see the kids growing up in Jesus. The kids in our care already see themselves as an upcoming generation that will love each other and serve God. Ntarama will now have an example of an exemplary, faith-based school to learn from. Kids in our community will grow to be leaders who will be disciples of Jesus because Rwanda Children Christian School will be instructing them in knowledge and a Christ-like example.”

“As we have already said, there are no public libraries in Ntarama or anywhere in Bugesera, our district. Providing kids and others in our community access to books will be an amazing and important opportunity for expanding people’s awareness and their personal horizons.”