We’re thrilled to announce construction is now complete on a primary school on our campus! Rwanda Children Christian School welcomed a group of 77 students in the early fall of 2019. In January of 2020, we expect to have over 125 students enrolled. The construction, equipping, and staffing of the new school was made possible by a generous donation from The Wessel Foundation.  

Our new school contains a resource center available to the teachers in other schools in our community, a lending library and reading center available to the children in our care as well as the entire community, and seven classrooms that will allow us to offer Preschool and Primary level classes 1through 6 (the equivalent of U.S. 1st through 6th grade classes).  

We praise God for our new school! Join us in praying for the many ways in which Rwanda Children Christian School will serve kids and our community.


This good-looking tiger is Rwanda Children Christian School’s mascot!

Serge and the team asked our kids for mascot suggestions, and the children overwhelmingly requested a tiger. The blue in the tiger’s pants reflects the uniform color our school’s students wear.

We loved the comments our kids had in response to seeing our new mascot for the first time:

“Tiger will protect us from dangerous animals that can enter into our school.” - Kenia.

“Tiger will be my friend.” - Gervais

“Tiger lives in the forest. Do you plan to bring it and put it in our small forest here?” - Clement

“We will celebrate the Christmas party with our Tiger!” - Rosine

“I will bring meat for it.” - Aliane

“It is a lovely animal!” - Christian