Denise Uwamurera // Senior House Mom

Denise has worked for Rwanda Children since its beginning.  She is dedicated to improving the lives of the children in Ntarama. Denise loves to pray, and she constantly prays for the kids in her care. As our senior house mom, Denise serves as a mentor and example to our other house moms.


Claudine Mukamisha // House Mom

Claudine loves praying and writing plays. Her dream is to learn how to read and write English well. She also wants to learn how to drive a car. Claudine believes God has provided her with the abilities of an evangelist, so she loves to teach and speak of Jesus..

Clementine Mahirwe // House Mom

Clementine enjoys walking, and her favorite food is potatoes. An outgoing person, Clementine enjoys working with the other members of our team. She always looks forward to the arrival of the kids who spend the day at her home.

Irene Nibishaka // House Mom

Irene likes playing volleyball and drinking African tea. She has enjoyed getting to know the parents and family members of the kids who spend the day in her home, as this helps her to better serve the children in her care.

Pascasie Nisingizwe// House Mom

No stranger to hard work, Pascasie previously labored in the fields in order to provide for herself and her children. She loves the kids in her care. Pascasie is dedicated to being a good member of our team so that everyone can best use the abilities God has given them.